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About Us


  • We are a company having experience in the field of plastic extrusion and processing for more than 20 years.
  • We specialize in the supply of technology and complete equipment for manufacturing projects on a turnkey basis.
  • Our group business mainly deals with export of plant and machinery for plastic processing industry mostly from India and also from Germany , Italy, Sweden, Canada, USA and China to all the countries of the Erstwhile Soviets republics such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbeksitan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia etc. We have a strong relation with the top equipment manufacturing companies in India as well as from US, Canada, Europe and China.
  • We have started our business in India from January 2015 which will initially deal with consultancy and support for certain segments of plastic processing industry. We are also in marketing, selling and do aftersales services of technological equipment to a certain segment of industry.


  • Pre Project Consultancy
  • Workout Business Economics
  • Selection of Machinery
  • Supply of Machinery
  • Installation and startup
  • Inhouse on the floor training to the production personal etc
  • Structuring the management information systems



Invent Group’s vision is that we will be one of the top successful process consultants and turnkey service providers and technological equipment suppliers in the world of plastic processing and packaging Industry.We will also be the top company for maintenance and services of equipment and spares suppliers in Woven sack and whole packaging industry globally.



To grow the highest possible level by providing our customers with exceptional service, quality equipment and supplies, professional training and assistance, and information technology that help them succeed.Provide our employees with extraordinary challenges and fulfillment, and the opportunity to significantly enrich their careers. We are dedicated to giving our clients the widest range of choices, backed up by our commitment to exceptional service.



Clients make us who we are and it is only natural that we encourage teamwork, involvement, responsibility and mutual respect.Excellence is a value that inspires us to deliver high quality work externally as well as internally and to constantly improve our knowledge.Customer delight is really the ultimate test of all our efforts and measure of success. Clients and partners appreciate our effectiveness, flexibility, integrity and transparency.