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NEWLONG - Asia's No.1 Sewing Machines

Newlong Industrial Company Limited (NLI) is a Japnese Manufacturing company engaged in the development of packaging machinery technology since their establishment in 1941.

Newlong is a series of industrial heavy duty sewing machines employed in a major way into the manufacture of PP/HDPE woven bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Newlong sewing machines have a proven record all over the world providing its high reliability and performance.

Newlong  manufacture a variety of bag making machinery, automatic open-mouth bagging lines, and are one of the world’s most respected industrial sewing head brands. In the Japanese market NLI has an overwhelming market share of 95% for industrial sewing machines, 90% for bag making machines, and 80% for automatic bagging machines.  NEwlong have the largest market share in Asia in general as well, and are a leading manufacturer worldwide within our industrial niches.

Inpack Plast supplies Newlong Sewing Machine heads and machine parts in India.